Meeting 4/11/20 Online 2:00 PM via Zoom

Reminder – Friends of Community Media will continue to meet during the current crisis Saturday 4/11 at 2:00 PM and will meet online on Zoom. Check with Spencer at if you do not have the password or information on how to attend. Minutes from previous meetings are also below: MARCH MINUTES:


Anyone with the link can comment on the March minutes and edit

April draft agenda.THREE OPTIONS FOR ATTENDING:VOICE ONLY: Dial: 312 626 6799, enter Meeting ID: 767 816 447VOICE AND GOOGLE DOCS: Connect as per “Voice Only” and visit the Google Docs as above. Note that anyone can contribute to the meeting notes in progress in real time. The Google Docs software can gracefully manage potential edit conflicts.


NOTICE: The FCM meeting scheduled for Saturday 3/14 at 2:00 PM will now be online. The location where we hold our meetings has said all meetings will be cancelled there. An email giving instructions is being sent out for those who wish to attend from home on our FCM email list.

Mission statement: The mission of Friends of Community Media is to promote non-commercial community-based media of all types, to educate citizens on the nature of the media, and to encourage all media to be responsive to the public in coverage.

Minutes from February  – Spencer

Treasurer – Greg Current balance, expenses

Committee Reports

           Website committee meeting 2/20 report

           Events Committee – report – Craig, Richard – event:  Religion and the media All Souls 5/17

Old Business         

           Event possibility with KKFI – Amy Goodman – Media in a Time of War

           ProPublica affiliation possibility – Spencer

           Kansas City Press Club collaboration – Spencer

New Business            

           Do we want to meetings via Zoom in foreseeable future?

           Monthly potlucks future?

           Prepare for Annual Meeting – Bylaws – first Monday of April