Taking Back the Media 2007

FCM conducted media education events with Communiversity courses. Communiversity was a “free-university” institution set up by the University of Missouri, Kansas City where people from around the area could sponsor courses as citizen-faculty. In 2007, FCM set up a Communiversity course on how citizens could work with the media to further their goals. The course outline is below.

I.     Introduction – importance of knowing how to deal with

       the media.

       Method – audience participation.

II.    What’s available to us?  Media resources you can use.

        Method – Handout, lecture.

III.   Who do you contact to get media?

       Method – Lecture, handout.

IV.    Setting media planning priorities

       Method – Lecture, discussion

V.     What tools do you need?

       Method – Lecture, discussion, handout.

VI.    Tools of the trade.  How to prepare and use the tools.

       Method – handouts, lecture.

       A.  Fact sheet

       B.  Media release

       C.  Public service announcement

       D.  Media list

       E.  Bios

       F.  Sample question list

       G.  Other informational materials

       H.  Correspondence

VI.    Know the nature of the medium you are using

       Method – Group discussion, lecture, handouts

VII.   Preparing for a media interview

       Method – Question and answer, lecture, handouts

       B.  Presenting yourself to the media

       A.  Tips for public speaking

VIII.  Doing the interview

       Method – Lecture, discussion, handout.

IX.    Being realistic about the media

       Method – Discussion, handout

X.     Dealing with media assertively in time of crisis

       Method – Discussion, audience participation

XI.    Some ideas for getting media attention and publicity

       Method – Handout, audience participation XII.   Question and answer session