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At the end of March, State of Washington universities conducted a media education program called MisinfoDay in high schools to help students learn the difference between real news and propaganda. This would be a good event to happen nationwide. The session used these questions to help learn how to differentiate between bogus news and real facts.
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Yesterday (4/1/21), the U.S. Supreme Court issued its ruling in Prometheus Radio Project v. FCC, a case that we’ve been fighting for years. And the decision wasn’t good. SCOTUS ruled in favor of the Trump FCC’s complete abdication of its responsibility to promote diversity in media ownership.

This isn’t the outcome we’d hoped for, but now we take the fight back to the FCC — and we need your help. Donate today to fuel our ongoing fight for diversity in media ownership.

The Court’s decision couldn’t come at a worse time, as the country reels from the harmful impact media consolidation has had on communities of color and from a rise in racist, misogynist right-wing disinformation.

With three Supreme Court justices appointed by Trump, the Court’s decision shows just how hard we’ll need to fight to undo his legacy of harm. In his opinion, Justice Brett Kavanaugh accepted the Trump FCC’s false claim that its decision wouldn’t harm ownership diversity, while Justice Clarence Thomas said in his concurring opinion that “The FCC had no obligation to consider minority and female ownership,” a statement showing a stunning indifference to the disproportionate impact this ruling will have on Black, brown and women-owned media in the United States.

We may have lost at the Supreme Court, but the fight isn’t over. We plan to make it clear that the FCC has an obligation to promote and protect diversity in media ownership. Donate $10 (or whatever you can) today to help us make our case.

The Biden FCC and a new Congress still have a chance to get this right — but it’s up to us to hold their feet to the fire. In the months ahead we’ll fight for media policies that spur investment in local communities and ownership by women and people of color. And we’ll fight for policies that support independent journalism that can serve as an essential bulwark against the rise of anti-democratic and white-supremacist movements across the country.

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FCM Viewing party 10/1 for Dark Money.  See the calendar menu above for more info.

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