Media in Jeopardy – What Can We Do?

On February 6th, 10:00 AM CST, national media reformer, Craig Aaron, will speak on what we can do to improve the media at an All-Souls Forum sponsored by Friends of Community Media. To attend the Zoom session go to the forum link at,

The national trend of shrinking local media and journalism in many hometown newspapers disturbs Craig Aaron of who states, “This has severe consequences for our concept of democracy.”

A major organizer of National Media Reform Conferences held in Memphis, Denver, St. Louis, Boston, and Minneapolis, Aaron brought together many icons of national media including Phil Donahue, Dan Rather, Robert McChesney, and FCC administrators, to make the case for more accurate and responsive media.

Results from these events helped efforts to pass legislation to create hundreds of  new local radio stations, caused formation of media reform groups nationwide, encouraged more local media outlets, and showed to the public the importance of net-neutrality.

The February 6th presentation will tell why citizens should be worried about how media are changing, how media are controlled by a few corporations, and by the decreased coverage of community news.  The presentation will also show how citizens can take action to make the media more responsive to neighborhood, regional, and national needs.