Upcoming events


July 15th FCM Forum on Net Neutrality – at 39th & Main – KKFI Annex Room 2:30 – 4:00

July 20th FCM/KKFI Broadcast ascertainment forum – KKFI Annex Room

 August 5th FCM Net Neutrality Forum 2 – KKFI Annex Room 2:30 – 4:00

September – FCM Forum – War on the Media – To be announced

By-laws meeting

Meeting  Sunday, 7/2/17 at 39th and Main 11:30 AM at the KKFI conference room to prepare the final draft of the FCM bylaws changes for presentation to the FCM board.  All welcome to attend.


Next FCM meeting

FCM-LH 2-16-2.jpg
Next FCM meeting will be Saturday 6/10/17 at the KKFI annex, 39th and Main, Noon.
Gordon suggested a by-laws change to remove the staggered terms and term limits for the time being, since we are a small group .  This will be the second reading of the proposed change at this meeting, and be voted on, on June 10th.  Text of the proposed change is available on this FCM website. 
Craig  has agreed to work on a wholesale change of all the by-laws and a meeting to discuss this will happen soon.  However, we will do the second reading of the by-laws change and vote on it.  We have 10 voting members to enact a change, and a quorum of members according to the current by-laws must be met.
Agenda items welcome
Items included so far:
Progress on planning for a late June event “War on the Media” will be discussed.  
We will also set up a calendar on the website which Spencer can maintain, and a media news blog which Craig has offered to maintain.
-=Tom Crane=-