FCM Meeting Next Week

Want to learn more about the media?

The next monthly meeting and potluck for Friends of Community Media will be held at 5 PM CST, October 28th at 3707 Pennsylvania Avenue, Kansas City.  Issues discussed will be upcoming events.

Program Next Week on Information Access

Spencer Graves, President of Friends of Community Media, will address the All-Souls Forum in Kansas City on Oct. 29th from 9:30 – 10:30 AM CST. The media-related topic will be “Information is a public good: Experiments in better government”.

This will be occur both in person at All Souls UU Church, 4501 Walnut Street, KCMO 64111, and via YouTube Live at:


The audio from the presentation will also be broadcast 11 days later on Nov. 9th on:


Below is a related link to Mr. Graves’ Wikiversity article called, “Information is a public good: Designing experiments to improve government”. This article covers the topic in more detail than will be discussed Oct. 29:


FCM Sponsors Event With Community of Reason

Friends of Community Media is now a co-sponsor for the Oct. 29th session of Community of Reason. This program (2-4 PM CST) will feature Romary Daval, General Secretary of “Un Bout des Médias” (translates – a purpose for the media), speaking to us via Zoom from Paris.

“Un Bout des Médias” is roughly a French counterpart to the U.S. Freepress.net but their activism program seems to be getting more traction than the media reform movement in the US is getting. They actively raise funds for nonprofit journalism organizations giving journalists more power in editorial decisions than may be possible in the U.S. due to legal structures.

For information:



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How Can You Influence the Media?

From Jennifer Rubin in the Washington Post 9/20/21

“You can write short, polite, specific and constructive letters to the editor and to individual writers. You can support good journalism by subscribing to solid local news outlets. You can use your own presence on social media to raise up examples of truth-seeking journalism. And you can tune out and turn off cable and TV news that practices bothsiderism and allows MAGA guests to lie with impunity.”

What Happens in Kansas – Doesn’t Stay in Kansas – Threat to Journalism

This is an in-depth article on 8/26/23 from the Washington Post about the police raid on the newspaper in Marion, Kansas.

“In New York and Washington, word of a police raid on a small Midwestern newspaper caught the immediate attention of a cluster of organizations devoted to asserting First Amendment rights and promoting the safety of journalists around the globe. Over the years, these groups have stood up for reporters detained by police while covering stories or pressured by prosecutors to reveal their sources, they’ve gone to court to challenge government officials over access to public records, and they’ve raised concerns about an overt strain of antipathy toward the media increasingly displayed by some politicians and public officials since the dawn of the Trump era.

“Yet an actual raid by police represented a kind of government intrusion on media operations that none could remember seeing in this country.”


Media Often Use Right-wing Verbiage to Describe the News

From the Jennifer Rubin, Washington Post 6/28/23

The reality is that the Mar-a-Lago search was not a “raid” the FBI served a court-ordered search warrant obtained with probable cause. Yet every news outlet refers to it as a “raid,” which has a negative connotation.

“. . . the media’s mistakes are many: Referring to the charges against Trump as “mishandling” secret documents; failing to point out Biden had nothing to do with appointment of the special counsel investigating Trump; refusing to explain that average citizens not the prosecutor returned the indictment; declining to press each and every Republican as to whether he or she condones stashing such documents in unsecured locations. Substituting false balance and artificial neutrality for truth-seeking and educating the voters remains a major problem in media coverage. Too many reporters are deathly afraid of being accused of “liberal bias,” so they bend over backwards to allow the GOP to set the terms of debate”.