FCM Member / Board Meeting


Friends of Community Media Proposed agenda
Saturday 10/21/17 Noon
KKFI Annex
Mission statement: The mission of Friends of Community Media is to promote non-commercial community-based media of all types, to educate citizens on the nature of the media, and to encourage all media to be responsive to the public in their coverage.
Minutes from September Meeting – Spencer
Treasurer – Current balance, expenses, member list handout
Old Business
            Upcoming FCM forum 2 PM KKFI Annex Room
            November monthly media presentation
            UMMA information

New Business
          Future forum event, Barsamian event December 1
          New social event – Novebmer
Website update – adding FCR history, UMMA photos – progress
Possible collaboration with All-Souls to set up media committee
Possible next year events with national media figures at All-Souls