Meeting to discuss news entity

Spencer Graves has set up a meeting at All-Souls on Wednesday to discuss our shrinking news environment and solutions. Here’s the text of his message:

Hello, All:

      I’m primarily focused on trying to organize a local nonprofit 
news organization to replace the shrinking Star.  The Institute for 
Nonprofit News ( is hosting a “Town Hall” to describe how 
different communities are doing this.  You can sign up to participate in 
this from anywhere via“.

      Or you can come to the Conover Rm in All Souls UU Church this 
Wednesday, Feb. 13, 2 PM.  A group of us will watch it together there 
and then discuss what, if anything, people want to to here about this.

      The Kansas City Star will reportedly be laying off up to 50 more 
employees, shrinking from 250 to 200 (down from 2,000 in 2007).  INN is 
a network of close to 200 nonprofit newsrooms and is ideally placed to 
help new ventures like this.

      However, if we can improve the media, it will be much easier to 
make progress on virtually all our other concerns.