2019-2020 FCM Board Election Results

On April 21st the annual meeting of the members of Friends of Community Media took place. 11 attended. The goal was to elect board members to fill the expiring seats of M.C. Richardson, Richard Thompson, and Spencer Graves. Elected to fill those seats were Lynn Marie Norris, Spencer Graves, and Richard Thompson.

The FCM board of directors consists of 7 board members, 3 elected in one year and 4 elected in the next year. Current board members continuing to fill their final year for their 2-year terms are Craig Lubow, Greg Swartz, Susan Saracheck, and Tom Crane. Their seats will be up for election in 2020.

Also elected was Bill Clause as membership chairman who will help FCM grow its membership this year.

Following the annual meeting of the Friends of Community Media members, the new FCM board of directors elected officers of the board for 2019-2020. Elected as chair, was Tom Crane; vice-chairs Craig Lubow and Richard Thompson; treasurer, Greg Swartz; and Secretary, Spencer Graves.