Media Often Use Right-wing Verbiage to Describe the News

From the Jennifer Rubin, Washington Post 6/28/23

The reality is that the Mar-a-Lago search was not a “raid” the FBI served a court-ordered search warrant obtained with probable cause. Yet every news outlet refers to it as a “raid,” which has a negative connotation.

“. . . the media’s mistakes are many: Referring to the charges against Trump as “mishandling” secret documents; failing to point out Biden had nothing to do with appointment of the special counsel investigating Trump; refusing to explain that average citizens not the prosecutor returned the indictment; declining to press each and every Republican as to whether he or she condones stashing such documents in unsecured locations. Substituting false balance and artificial neutrality for truth-seeking and educating the voters remains a major problem in media coverage. Too many reporters are deathly afraid of being accused of “liberal bias,” so they bend over backwards to allow the GOP to set the terms of debate”.