Notes from 1/11/20 video conference

Friends of Community Media

Notes from the 1/11/20 video conference meeting

Because of the difficult road conditions due to bad weather, the meeting scheduled for this day has been rescheduled for Saturday 1/18/20, 2:00 PM at the KKFI annex room, 39th & Main rear door.

Spencer Graves , and Tom Crane met at KKFI and Craig Lubow met remotely over computer.  The video conference was over Zoom software which worked well allowing video of everyone to be seen and heard.  Craig provided music during the conversation.

Spencer briefed us on possibly becoming an affiliate of ProPublica.  Potentially, an assistantship could be funded through this source for FCM with a local university.  This could possibly be done through NAIRC (National association for computer reporting).  Spencer has made contacts but has had no response.  This week, he will follow up with results for the 1/18 meeting.

It was suggested that we collaborate with the Kansas City Press Club, and Tom will follow up with them this week.

Proposed for a forum as mentioned earlier – “Media in a Time of War” – with Amy Goodman which could be a fundraiser for FCM and KKFI.  Tom will speak with Bill Clause on this to be reported on the 1/18 meeting.

Craig made some contacts for a presentation we had discussed earlier on “Religion and the Media”.  Looks like the All-Souls calendar is booked until March.  He will follow up on those contacts and speak with Richard about the All-Souls calendar.